Bringing aquaponics into the home, classroom and office

Parts List*

DIY Aquaponics


* Pump, hose and grow media are also included


Set-up Instructions


 Printable set-up instructions are provided here.


 Watch Murray Hallam assemble a Aquaponicals in the video below.



Getting started

Once your Aquaponicals system has arrived it’s time to get started on building your DIY aquaponics system. Make sure all the parts are there and lay them all out ready to assemble. Our aquaponics DIY system only takes between 5-10 minutes to assemble so set aside that amount of time to get building. Follow the below instructions carefully, or watch the Aquaponicals assembly instructions YouTube video on this page. 



Filling the system with water

Follow the set-up instructions carefully so as not to overfill the system.


The pump currently supplied with the system is suitable for Australian conditions i.e. 240V (AC) supply.

Grow media

The grow media supplied with the system is an expanded clay pebble. Make sure that the grow media is washed thoroughly and drained before placing it in the Grow Bed.


Either seeds or seedlings can be used. If using seeds, seeds can simply be scattered over the surface of the grow media with germination and growth occurring within the first couple of days. Small seedlings can also be planted directly into the grow bed.


The system will support 2-3 small aquarium fish. When using tapwater, it is recommended that the following usual process be followed for introducing fish to the system:

(1)   Use a de-chlorination agent (in accordance with the relevant manufacturer’s instructions) taking into account that the system contains approximately 15 liters of water. This will provide an environment for the fish and bacteria in the Grow Bed to flourish.

(2)   Gradually introduce the fish to the Fish Tank as follows:

  1. Place the bag containing the fish into the Fish Tank for approximately 15 minutes.
  2. Pour a cupful of Fish Tank water into the bag containing the fish and then leave for an additional 5 minutes.
  3. Release the fish into the Fish Tank and remove the bag.

Water Level

The system’s water level will fall over time due to evaporation and plant transpiration. Low system water level is indicated by the amount of water coming out of the Water Inlet slowing down or diminishing - typically at the point in the cycle where the Grow Bed is almost full of water. When this occurs, simply add an additional cupful of water to the Grow Bed. For best results, any additional water should be treated with de-chlorination agent.

Water Quality

Water quality should be measured and treated in accordance with usual aquaponic principles.